COLUMBUS-The Untold Story may be the best and most authoritative book ever written on Columbus. There are so many extraordinary claims the author makes and yet he meticulously supports them throughout the book, even DNA tests. Every detail is a compelling fact that leaves you begging for the next one as the plot advances. Rosa travels some exciting side trails too that no Columbus researcher ever even noticed before, let alone dared to venture down, and smashes all kinds of paradigms in COLUMBUS-The Untold Story, which reads not only like a historical work, but as a spy thriller and adventure story as well.


Paperback: 344 pages

Illustrations: 140 Images, Maps and Diagrams, 8 Full color pages

Publisher: Outwater Media Group

Year: 2016              Language: English

ISBN-10: 0578179318           ISBN-13: 978-0578179315


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Best  History Book  of 2016


In the year 1444, near long-lost Constantinople, a Christian monarch breaks his truce with the Muslims, but Fate double crosses him. He is crushed in battle. All of his personal knights are slain around him, and he vanishes without a trace. Some years later, on Madeira Island, 2,500 miles to the west, a mysterious Knight of Saint Catherine of Mount Sinai marries into the Portuguese elite . . . and has a son.

     Astonishing as it may seem, these two impossibly remote events were connected -- and the clouded genesis of Christopher Columbus can thereby be once and forever resolved. The key to unlocking the Columbus identity mystery was waiting in a place where nobody had ever looked before.


It is not only your research and attention to 

detail that has impressed me but your ability 

to connect and logically present the evidence supporting your theories.

Dr. Lee Spence


I am so grateful for your outstanding scholarship 

and dedication. I have been a seaman 

all my life… You have added much original 

information for which I am grateful.

–  Capt. Peter J. Piaseckyj


Twenty-five years of research have pieced 

together a stunning array of artifacts and data, 

complete with DNA test results; one that 

resulted in the deceitfulness of power, of politics, 

false identities and false discoveries.

–  Michele Doucette


This is the most serious and in depth study 

I have ever read on the subject ( and I 

have read many...)

– Paulo Castro






Indie Reader

  25 years of research has pieced together a stunning array of artifacts and data, from one end of Europe to another, from Asia, Africa and the Americas: a chapel ruin, a ceiling mural in a private palace, DNA test results, an impressive diversity of documents, keenly analyzed . . . and a sword, unearthed by a Bulgarian peasant, that found its way to a museum in Saint Petersburg.

     The study and comparison of carefully censored State archives also helped explain Columbus’ life -- hitherto enshrouded in the deceitful machinations of power politics, false identities, and false discoveries in the Age of Exploration. Myth has at last been separated from fact, exposing what actually transpired.

     Being extremely fond of writing memoirs, journals and letters, the man known as Columbus left a great deal of this overwhelming proof himself. Now, 523 years later, his writings assisted in his own undoing.

     Many other clues -- meant to be deciphered generations later, when the need for secrecy had passed -- have been painstakingly gathered and analyzed. Some were cryptically displayed in the details of portraiture and esoteric writings, others in the most obvious features of one of the greatest works of Spanish Baroque drama, on heraldry, on a gravestone, via signatures and pseudonyms. What emerges is the picture of a consummate and cunning double-agent, with a bold and grandiose agenda.

     Enter this 500-year-old labyrinth and discover the unimaginable: a medieval conspiracy so audacious, so massive, and so well executed that it fooled the world for half a millennium.

I am fascinated by your book! It is the most thoroughly researched book on the topic  of the man the world knows as "Christopher Columbus" that I have ever read.

   Robert Bilicki


is a magnum opus and by no means should be considered a work of pseudo history or just another source of nutty conspiracy theories. Rosa’s numerous reliable findings and solid theories would make Sherlock Holmes jealous. The History of Columbus has many mixed-up facts and personalities, and maybe the time has come for the discoverer’s life to be finally rewritten.  

  Miltiades Varvounis, Greek-Polish historian

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